How to Beat Depression

Depression is something that takes a while to sink in, and even longer to get under control. Knowing how to beat it is the hardest part, because sometimes you don’t even know why it’s there. If you do, the reason behind your depression might not be within your control. Yet, depression is surprisingly something you can get control of, supposing you approach it the right way.

How Do People Successfully Treat Depression?

There’s no “golden” answer for the question of how to beat depression. You can only treat depression through direct and indirect methods. The indirect approaches are most common, but some rather coin these as “shut up” treatments. They aren’t appropriate, and often cause other problems, like prescription medication dependencies. They also take focus away from the reason behind your depression.

Getting your mind off the reason for your depression is a big thing. Sometimes that requires overcoming a challenge, such as breaking up with a partner or quitting a job. Keeping your brain active with other activities will help make it easier to accomplish this task. You can try picking up a new hobby, or sparking new interest in an old one. Maybe it’s also time for big life changes, such as applying to school or taking an internship.

The good can always outweigh the bad, but you have to create it and make it have value in your life. A big part of that is how you perceive the bad. Most think it’s impossible to overcome an obstacle. Usually that’s not the case; something like a bad relationship doesn’t spell the end of the world. Even ending things with the parent of your child will not put an end to your life. It’s a scary chapter to face, especially with surprises lying right around the corner, but you will be grateful in the end.

Treating the Root Cause of Your Depression

Nothing is better than addressing the reason for your depression. The actual reason is usually obvious, and it’s often something you pushed aside for far too long. For example, you might be in depression as you are sticking through a relationship with the father of your children. In this case, you find yourself living for someone else’s happiness, never achieving more than contention for yourself. The situation can be different if you grow the strength to move past the relationship, but this is a huge step that takes a while before it’s beneficial.

The moment you conquer your fears, what’s left? That’s the ideology you need when trying to address the reason behind your depression. Look at a rape victim’s circumstance, as an example. Someone who was a sex victim to her father or step-father is more likely to live a sheltered life. It’s common for these types of people to have trouble when trying to get close to a male in a relationship. These barriers can become problematic, but you can eliminate most of the negative pull by conquering the underlying issue.

There’s no saying what way you should approach your depression trigger. It’s just a matter of figuring out what’s been beating you up. It might be something from a long time ago, and it could be a recurring thought or memory that just jogs your mind every now and again. Regardless, you need to search deep and identify what’s bothering you so dearly, before your memory fades and a medication dependency takes over.


By Dane Gracia