Depression And Sleeping Too Much

Having enough sleep is key to being healthy and living a fit lifestyle you are more motivated to get out and do things. But when you lack the right amount of sleep every night it can lead to discomfort and unease .If this is a severe case they call it sleep deprivation this a common problem that many people all over the world deal with everyday . Also many underlying medical conditions such as depression and mental health illness can cause sleep deprivation and sleep problems in general. We need sleep but if you do to much sleeping there may be something wrong. If you find your self sleeping more than the normal hours of sleep at night you might want to see a doctor to make sure everything is ok.

There are some who think that sleeping to much could link to depression . If you find your self with constant headache over sleeping or sitting in the dark you may have a depression condition. Our body should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night but because of the fast pace of life most people don’t get the full amount of sleep that they need. Depression and sleep do have something to do with each other believe it or not , when you have a chemical imbalance in your body your brain is not in its right state . Which will lead to many different things happening in the body from personality changes to extreme mood swings. Below is a great Infographic that offers so great infomation.

Depression and sleep