What Causes Depression

No one can tell you what causes depression to exist in your life. There are many possible causes, but usually there’s just one or two that apply to your situation. You can be the best doctor for yourself, you simply have to open your mind up to depression as a concept.

“Depression as a Concept”

The biggest part of overcoming an alcohol addiction is getting past the fact that you’re addicted to alcohol in the first place. Depression works the same, as you need to understand you are depressed before you can want to do something about it. This is the entirety of accepting “depression as a concept” into your life. Once you do this, it won’t be as difficult to start thinking about how you can overcome your depressive phase.

Then, it’s a matter of figuring out what made you enter depression mode.

What Can Cause Depression?

There is no way to shortlist the possible causes of depression. It’s a lot easier to shortlist the possible reasons for depression when assessing at an individual level. Finding the cause of a person’s depression requires knowing more about that person, what they experience each day, and how they feel about those experiences.

It’s usually not a challenge to define the causes of depression by whether they are direct or indirect. The most obvious causes of depression are “direct” causes. This includes issues like the loss of a loved one and the end of a long-term relationship. Indirect causes could include things like switching medication and undergoing life changes after graduating from school.

What Caused Your Depression?

The question that eats away at millions is “what causes depression in my life?” and sadly, most won’t ever get this question answered. Your best bet is to first look at the direct causes, then the indirect ones. You might be able to identify issues in your life that could be to blame. Sometimes these are issues that you thought went away, but they really just hid themselves over time.

If you can’t figure it out, don’t leave your depression there to worsen. This could be a long-term issue that will only go away with the right treatment approach. Your doctor might be able to help, but working with a psychiatrist or psychologist will garner the best results. But, make sure not to crutch to prescription medication to treat your depression as this will simply push the problem aside while creating another one.

Depression is a serious subject, and as such, it should not be lightly discussed. Talking too little, or too dishonestly, will just set you up for disaster. To see to it that your depression gets treated the right way, take the time to figure out what causes depression in your life. Don’t be ashamed to get professional help, because you wouldn’t be the first one to take that step. Plus, that’s a lot better of a statistic to be a part of than the high amount of people who live with life-long or suicidal depression.


By Dane Gracia


A Woman Depressed

Depression happens to many individuals throughout the world. We hope that we can manage all that life throws at us and keep our thoughts being positive and happy. But, in a split second, our life can become upside down and we begin to second-guess ourselves. Whether it be good news or bad news, the unexpected hits us like a train and now it has to be dealt with. Depression is a type of sadness that can happen to each and everyone of us.
Keeping in touch with your loved ones is harder than ever in today’s society. Texting and e-mails are great and it keeps you informed on the topics that concern your life.We are in the computer-age of communication and knowledge flows from person to person quickly and with ease.
If you are concerned about someone, the best way to find out if they are struggling with their life is to talk with them face to face, in person. This is becoming more and more difficult as our communication process gets easier and easier. Communication today is limited communication, a quick text or click of a button and you’ve check-on your friend.It is a well-received style of communication and used by the entire world, but remember, we only tell people what we want them to know.
How well are they really doing? Did they really have a good day? Really?
We’ve all read of an incident where a person is great one day and the next we’re reading about how they did harm to themselves or someone else. We think to ourselves,”why didn’t somebody know how troubled that person was”, or “why wasn’t that person being watched more carefully”? You’ll find, that in a lot of instances, their friends and family were in contact with them, just not actually talking and listening.
Depression can start slowly and be managed every day.A person with depression might start acting differently in many ways, that’s why it’s easier for friends and family to notice if something is wrong or not. You know them. You know if they keep their house spotless, or if they are the type of person that doesn’t tidy up that often. You know if they like going out to movies and social events or if they prefer to entertain at home.Many symptoms can be spotted when you actually have contact, human contact, not computer or phone contact.
Many women with depression tend to shrug it off, telling people they are fine and they can handle it. Be a good friend and check on them frequently. If you know their situation, do what you can to help them find a remedy, and don’t stop till you know they’re back on track.
For women, the stress of having children is harder and more complicated than men for the simple reason it plays havoc on their bodies. It is factual that getting hormone levels balanced in a woman after giving birth is watched carefully by doctors.
Sleeping more than usual and being bored with activities that they used to enjoy is a sign of depression. Short interactions and nervousness is a sign that something is bothering them….something on their mind that they don’t want to discuss or address.
Women with depression do not want to be around their friends or family, they just want to be left alone.
Visit the people you care about often. Relax with them,socialize with them and be a true part of their lives and they will be a part of your life as well.


By Dane Gracia