Can Exercise Help With Depression

Exercise can help with the fight against depression as it is something that is capable of making depressed people feel better about themselves. It is not a guarantied cure yet it can in certain situations for certain people go a long way towards making them feel a great deal better about themselves as individuals. It can certainly be a viable alternative to attempting to counter depression by simply been given antidepressants by their doctor or hospital consultant.

Whether or not exercise can help with depression is dependent on how an individual’s depression was originally set off. Depression can be caused by among other things by having low self-esteem. One notable source of low individual self-esteem is when people are particularly unhappy for various reasons with their own bodies. Self-perception is often more important than reality once individuals have started to become depressed. If you develop an obsession about your own body then it can take a great deal of effort to alter that damaging perception. There are different ways of improving self-perception with exercise being one of them.

People are prone to developing damaging self-perceptions of their own bodies, which can take years to alter, cause severe depression and even threaten their lives. Examples of this include when people develop the belief that they are too fat, too thin, or do not have enough muscles this is a great tips for Weight Loss. If left to their thoughts then people soon lose their self-confidence and head down the rocky road of depression. Obsessions about weight can lead to severe eating disorders instead of depression, or a as an inadvertent consequence of it. Exercise can be a means of breaking the cycle of depression without taking medicine or undergoing surgery.

Exercise is a means of restoring self-confidence and self-esteem which will ultimately lead to it helping with cases of depression. It restores confidence as it can contribute to depressed people feeling more content with their bodies. For instance exercise can help people lose weight to then ease the depression originally caused by the strong feeling that they are overweight. Even moderate levels of exercise will leave people looking slimmer and more toned than before, which will eventually raise or restore self-confidence. Also exercise in the form of weight lifting can counter or help stop depression as people who believed that they were too small or not toned enough can build up their muscles and simply know that they look better.

Furthermore exercise can help the fight against depression as it can provide people with both a sense of purpose and achievement which are the Keys to losing weight. Carrying out exercise whether as an individual activity or as part of a team sport provides people that have lost their way mentally (and perhaps physically too) with a sense of purpose. For instance running everyday to get fit enough to take part in a race, or training to be part of a winning team.

Either way taking part in exercise can turn your focus on to that instead of remaining fixated on the issues or problems which have caused, or worsened your depression in the first place.



By Dane Gracia